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Great Touch Cleaning has been operating for almost 15 years as the go-to cleaning services for Chicago Suburbanites. Our Palatine Apartment Cleaning Services are perfect for today’s busy apartment owners and dwellers who value efficiency and value. We understand your situation, and we understand your needs.

Having a routinely well and professionally maintained place of living and of working is good for you! Not only do your surroundings and possessions look good all the time, but you will look more rested and relaxed, and it’ll give your poor abused hands time to not only get that long-overdue manicure, but keep it looking as fresh as your home will look after we get hold of it.

Use our services, and just think — your precious free time really will be free – to spend on other priorities than facing chores like oven cleaning, or scouring off mold forming in the crevices of your refrigerator door (the horror!). You’re saving time, energy, and resources of all sorts with a relatively small investment in our trustworthy, reliable, and thorough yet gentle cleaning services. It’s even HEALTHIER, on top of being more aesthetically pleasing. Everybody – and everything – wins!

If you think you can’t afford us – think again: we’re a Member of Cleaning Networx for good reason. It couldn’t be more convenient: as a Cleaning Networx company, you are pre-assured that you’re dealing with a company that is pre-screened, bonded, and reliable.

It’s really not a matter of not being able to afford professional cleaning services – it’s more that you really can’t afford to NOT have your cleaning professionally done.

We help, while you relax and transform your chores into more free time that you can use however you choose. You know how many commitments you have, to your family, your friends, your boss — and those are probably just the obligations, not even the optional, wished-for things you’d like to be doing with your scarce leisure time.

We belong to Cleaning Networx because we’re hardworking and reputable providers of expert cleaning services at fair terms and prices. Getting a quote is free and quick – so what are you waiting for? Those dust kitties are getting larger the longer you wait.