It doesn’t take a CSI evidence technician or your visiting mother in law to know good cleaning when you see it, but sometimes it may seem difficult to find good cleaners when you need them.

That’s where we come in: the services of Great Touch Cleaning, and our Hoffman Estates Home Cleaning Service, have been operating since 1997 to provide dependable and desirable house cleaning and laundry services and more in the Chicago area. It may not take a forensics expert to figure that out, but we’re happy to say there’s plenty of evidence to support the effectiveness and value of Great Touch Cleaning.

One look, one experience is all it need take, to persuade clients of the excellent value available through house cleaning, laundry services, and other top-to-bottom and comprehensive services provided through Great Touch Cleaning.

To make your life and lifestyle even easier, Great Touch Cleaning is a proud member of Cleaning Networx, which connects Illinois residents and business owners with convenient and pre-screened access to reputable and trustworthy services for house cleaning, laundry services, and so much else. Price quote estimates are free, so what do you have to lose, besides ring around the collar and a few other things you would like to entrust to safer hands?

If you have yet to try us, or haven’t tried us in a while – we invite you to check us out now. We’re confident you’ll be glad you did.

When your friends and colleagues ask how come you are looking younger and your doctor notices your blood pressure is down, not to mention how great your place looks (’how do they have TIME? How do they DO it and still look so relaxed and together?’) — you can tell them your secret (or not, it’s up to you: we won’t tell, because we’re discrete and very careful about such things. We take your privacy seriously, just like we take our profession of making your environment as clean and inviting as can be).

Whereas some people might be hesitant in recommending their number of our clients, however, are very happy to pass on their first-hand experience, and we certainly wouldn’t want to be rude and stand in their way.

Like the matter of Privacy, we take all our feedback seriously, too. We know nobody and nothing can be perfect, but we’re not opposed to being complemented either. Fair is fair, and we figure (as do our pleased clients) that anyone who hears such a message is getting a valuable tip.


June 5, 2011

To whom it may concern.

I’ve been using services of Great Touch Cleaning for over 3 years and I couldn’t be more pleased. I initially hired them after a remodeling job that left my home covered in a fine layer of plaster dust from all the wall boarding. They literally washed my entire house by hand with cloths. When they were done my home looked like it was ready for Good Housekeeping to come in for a photo shoot.

Based on that experience, we have been using their services ever since. They are punctual, thorough professional and honest and do a terrific job. If you’ve been looking for someone to clean your home, you can’t do any better than Great Touch Cleaning.

Truly yours,

Thomas M Pawlicki
Itasca, IL

Dear Beata,
I wanted to write and let you know what an absolutely wonderful job you and your team have been doing on my house for the past 5 years. It’s not often, these days, that you can rely on a service provider to give consistently excellent service day in and day out. But, I can honestly say that your team has never let me down. I also appreciate your ability to work around my sometimes hectic schedule. It’s just nice to have a relationship with someone who remembers what customer service used to mean. Many thanks for a job well done.

Kay Carter
West Chicago, IL

Great Touch Cleaning has been the “best” cleaning service we have ever had. Beata, you have been so accommodating and professional in your efforts to provide us with a service that fits our needs and our budget. Having a reliable, courteous, honest, and thorough cleaning service makes our life that much more “stress-free”. Just want you and your crew of cleaning personel to know how fortunate we are to have found you! Thank-you Great Touch Cleaning!

Sam and Karen

Mail subject: Compliment a Business

Company Name: Great Touch Cleaning

Contact Person: Beata

Compliments: Very easy to deal with. Nice ladies. Cleaned very well. I have referred them to several people.

Nominate: Yes

Submitted By: Michelle Green

Submitters City: Schaumburg